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Hypnosis and Guided Imagery to Improve Your Quality of Life

What kind of change are you seeking in your life? Weight Loss? A Healthier Lifestyle? Smoking or Tobacco Cessation? Finding Better Life-Balance and Less Anxiety?


Imagine what your life would be like if you could get past the stumbling blocks that may be keeping you from moving forward, and making the changes you desire for your life. 


Hypnosis and guided imagery can help you to make positive changes in your life. Still Waters Healing Arts helps clients achieve their goals.







  • American Hypnosis Association

  • National Association of Hypnotherapists

  • American Acupuncture of Missouri

"I am proud to call Red Crow my colleague and friend. He’s extremely intuitive, talented in all the healing arts, and shares his gifts freely. I have seen him help others to the point of clarity and relief in the most gentle, and healthy of ways. Red Crow has plenty of powerful tools in his bag, but he remains humble. He’s a truly gifted a healer through and through."    

-- Mark Cook Certified Advanced Rolfer, New Mexico