Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling is a method of spiritual counseling that follows the ancient principles of shamanism (the oldest system of healing on the planet). It is not psychotherapy – it is a system of personal empowerment! The goal of the program is to restore spiritual power to you.


Shamanic Counseling can help you learn how to tap into your spiritual power and the wisdom that exists within you. I is a problem-solving, life-enlightenment that enables you to successfully cope with and blossom in daily life. Shamanic Counseling can help you find healing strength and peace.


Being a dentist, I like to think my mind works in a scientific manner. My spiritual journey to enlightenment has taken me on a road that has lead me through many obstacles, on many occasions. I require a lot of proof in order to believe in some things.


As my Spiritual Guru, Red Crow has been up to the task as my guide. Red Crow is a skilled Hypno-therapist, Shaman and Spiritual guide. He handles phobias, past life regression and remote de-possession.


I have personally witnessed Red Crow use these tools very successfully, and have participated myself. His work has been of great benefit for me and my family.


I know, with certainty, that Red Crow will be of help to you too.   -- Dr. Mark Melson Kansas City, Mo.


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