Donald Tefft / Red Crow BFA, MCHT, DD, PCM

Hypnotist  |  Artist  |  Teacher  |  Clairvoyant  |  Shaman


Donald Tefft, also known as Red Crow, specializes in showing people how to reach their full potential. A certified hypnotist, (also certified to teach), Donald helps people to transition from feeling frustrated and bogged down in some aspect of their lives to achieving success and balance through the creative and powerful method of hypnosis and guided imagery.


Serving the Kansas City area since 1995, Donald has spent a lifetime studying spirituality and alternative healing methods all over the world. He continually studies the healing arts of far-eastern cultures and Buddhism, shamanism of the American Indian nations, and other ancient truths. He brings an artist's spirit of discernment to his work that makes him uniquely insightful. 


​History and Qualifications: 

  • ​Graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute

  • Taught at St. Mary College and the Kansas City Art Institute

  • Practicing Artist in the mediums of Paint, Pottery and Sculpture

  • Certified as a Hypnotherapist and Teacher from the Hypnodyne Foundation

  • Certified to Use Past Life Regression, Remote Deposession and Non-Directive Hypnosis by Dr. Irene Hickman

  • ​Graduated from the Mebo Traditional Acupuncture Medicine School of Beijing, China



Donald is also a Korean War Veteran serving as a B-29 CFC Gunner,

and was stationed in Yakota, Japan and Okinawa, Japan.

"I first met Red Crow several years ago. What impressed me about him first was his kindness and compassion. Later it became apparent, watching him in his practice that he is truly authentic and genuine, and his gifts are most impressive.


Always positive in nature, Red Crow seeks to help others find balance in both spiritual and physical health. He is a fantastic teacher with a deep knowledge base to draw from. Open and generous with information and guidance, he also has many wonderful stories from which there is always much to learn. I feel very fortunate to have him as my teacher and guide."  --Beth Miles, Creative Designer